Regional Collaboration

Cathy's Plan - Regional Collaboration

Prosperity in the region equates to prosperity for St. Albert. We live in a symbiotic relationship with Edmonton, Sturgeon County and beyond and therefore cannot act in isolation. As we tackle big problems such as Ray Gibbon, recreation facility deficit, new legislation to allow broader revenue capabilities, and regional transit we need a leader who can come to the table and negotiate for the advancement of St. Albert. Cathy’s time on the Capital Region Board, Waste Water Commission, Alberta Urban Municipalities Assoc has given her the tools, relationships, and experience to do just that.

To continue working collaboratively in the region Cathy plans to:

  1. Negotiate fairly in the upcoming boundary adjustment conversations with Sturgeon County.
  2. Advance the regional transit commission to provide seamless, attractive and cost effective transit around the region.
  3. Work with the sub region to advocate to the Province with one strong united voice to expand Ray Gibbon Drive.
  4. Be a leading and strong voice in the newly established Edmonton Global to ensure St. Albert has a fair share of the benefit of regional economic attraction and investment
  5. Participate in the future prosperity of Villeneuve Airport. This is a regional asset so close to St. Albert that has untapped potential for our city
  6. Continue as a director on the board of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. This is invaluable to our residents as new MGA legislation is rolled out. We need a mayor urging the province to recognize municipalities as partner level of government. Fighting for a new MSI model, new revenue sources and equal treatment with our neighboring counties

Alone we can do so little,

Together we can do so much.


- Helen Keller