Candidates Talk Relationship Building

With leadership front and center in this election, this question from the St. Albert Gazette and the subsequent answers are telling for how each candidate for mayor will interact with their council.

Council relationships have been in the spotlight since George Cuff released his municipal inspection report on St. Albert at the end of August.

In his report, Cuff referenced what he saw as a lack of collegiality, respect and co-operation between council members. He described two voting blocks on council and noted interpersonal conflicts sometimes got in the way of council business. Continue reading

Edmonton Journal on Regional Collaboration

This was an excellent article about the real threat in this election to the continued success of the region. Many of us have worked so hard to develop cooperative relations between the cities in the area. We are finally starting to see the fruits of our labour… with shared data, Global Edmonton, and the new transit M.O.U. that was just recently signed.

It is my strong desire to continue representing St. Albert in this developing region, so we can benefit from all that strong relations with Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Sturgeon County, and the cities and towns around us have to offer. Together we will ALL benefit, grow, and provide brighter opportunities for future generations.

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Public Transit

Public transit is often one of the most emotional and contentious issues of any area of public policy. It is a heavily subsidized service with huge capital and operating costs and elected officials are constantly trying to justify it. I am a supporter of public transit! It needs to be fast, convenient, simple, reliable, efficient, affordable and integrated with other modes of transportation. Continue reading

Ray Gibbon Drive

Ray Gibbon Drive was a huge addition to the road network in St. Albert. I cannot imagine our city without this option of travel.

It was built surrounded by some controversy regarding the exact route and funding, but it is here today and now we have the issue of how to expand it to the road it was designed to be.

Expanding Ray Gibbon Drive to safely and effectively move goods and people and supporting the economy is a priority of mine!

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Affordable Housing and Housing Diversity

What makes a neighbourhood a true community, one that exudes comfort, security, vibrancy
and a sense of belonging? One that welcomes residents and visitors alike as a safe, friendly
and interesting place to be? It is difficult to describe and even tougher to achieve, but surely it is
what most of us want from the places that we live.

First I believe it is important to define “Affordable Housing”.

  • There is government subsidized housing.
  • There is affordable market housing.
  • And finally, there is affordable living which goes beyond the cost of housing and starts to include transportation, taxes, utilities etc.

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