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Candidates Talk Relationship Building

With leadership front and center in this election, this question from the St. Albert Gazette and the subsequent answers are telling for how each candidate for mayor will interact with their council.

Council relationships have been in the spotlight since George Cuff released his municipal inspection report on St. Albert at the end of August.

In his report, Cuff referenced what he saw as a lack of collegiality, respect and co-operation between council members. He described two voting blocks on council and noted interpersonal conflicts sometimes got in the way of council business. Continue reading

Edmonton Journal on Regional Collaboration

This was an excellent article about the real threat in this election to the continued success of the region. Many of us have worked so hard to develop cooperative relations between the cities in the area. We are finally starting to see the fruits of our labour… with shared data, Global Edmonton, and the new transit M.O.U. that was just recently signed.

It is my strong desire to continue representing St. Albert in this developing region, so we can benefit from all that strong relations with Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Sturgeon County, and the cities and towns around us have to offer. Together we will ALL benefit, grow, and provide brighter opportunities for future generations.

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Council Pushes Group Home Changes

St. Albert could become more inclusive with a simple text amendment.

On Monday, council decided to push forward a Land Use Bylaw amendment that would make all group homes a permitted use within residential neighbourhoods, despite recommendations by city administration to hold off on the changes.

Under the current bylaw, group homes of up to three people are a permitted use in R1 residential districts, while group homes of up to six people are considered a discretionary use, meaning neighbours have the opportunity to appeal the development permit.

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Residents test air quality from their own backyards

If you’re sensing smoke in the air, you’re not the only one. Several air quality sensors throughout the city are reporting poor air quality due to the B.C. fires that have been rampaging through B.C. since July 7.

The sensors are part of a pilot project under St. Albert’s smart city initiative.

Coral Taylor, presenter from SensorUp, says the sensors are so sensitive that it can change from good air quality to poor air quality just by barbecuing in the backyard.

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St. Albert to Study MultiUse Facilities

A new study will re-evaluate St. Albert’s capital growth plan when it comes to recreation and cultural facilities.

The study comes as a result of several groups lobbying council for new facilities. City Manager Kevin Scoble said the best approach going forward would be to look at possible synergies between all projects, whether they are approved or not.


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Braeside Redevelopment Proposal

City councillor and candidate for mayor Cam MacKay has come out against a proposed land swap in the Braeside neighbourhood.

At a campaign barbecue held over the weekend at the proposed site along Sturgeon Road, MacKay told the crowd that he does not support the potential land swap between the city and a private developer.

“It bothers me and it bothers people who live in St. Albert to think that it is even an option,” MacKay said.

Councillor Cathy Heron, who is also vying for the mayor’s seat, said that she hasn’t seen the proper reports on that space to make a final decision but both candidates agree that preserving the green space in St. Albert is one of the most important priorities for residents.

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Heron Enters the race for Mayor

A second city councillor has entered the race to become St. Albert’s next mayor.

On Thursday night, councillor Cathy Heron officially launched her campaign at the St. Albert Community Hall. She joins Councillor Cam MacKay who announced his candidacy on Tuesday.

“I’ve been preparing for the role for seven years since I was elected in 2010,” Heron said.


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St. Albert Looks for Federal Smart-City Funding

St. Albert’s smart-city initiatives are on the national radar after Coun. Cathy Heron addressed a parliamentary committee this week, and she’s hopeful more funding could be on the way.

Heron, accompanied by smart city manager Travis Peter, spoke Thursday morning with members of the federal standing committee on transport, infrastructure and communities on behalf of the city and of the Alberta Smart City Alliance.

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St. Albert to Consider Bylaw Changes to Allow Urban BeeKeeping

St. Albert residents may soon find the city abuzz with the sweet sound of honeybee hives in backyards across the city.

Council unanimously approved a motion directing administration to develop the policies and bylaw amendments that would be required to allow beekeeping in the city, with a budget of $15,000. Those proposed changes are expected to come back to council for debate by the end of June this year.


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More MGA Changes Proposed

The province has proposed new ways for cities to plan school sites and fund fire halls and so far, local leaders say they like what they see.

The province tabled amendments to the Municipal Government Act Tuesday. The act regulates how Alberta’s municipalities are run.

The new act is the first substantial overhaul of the MGA in decades. Among its many proposed changes are mandatory training and codes of conduct for council-members and mandatory funding and co-operation agreements for adjacent communities.

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