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Public Transit

Public transit is often one of the most emotional and contentious issues of any area of public policy. It is a heavily subsidized service with huge capital and operating costs and elected officials are constantly trying to justify it. I am a supporter of public transit! It needs to be fast, convenient, simple, reliable, efficient, affordable and integrated with other modes of transportation. Continue reading

St. Albert to Study MultiUse Facilities

A new study will re-evaluate St. Albert’s capital growth plan when it comes to recreation and cultural facilities.

The study comes as a result of several groups lobbying council for new facilities. City Manager Kevin Scoble said the best approach going forward would be to look at possible synergies between all projects, whether they are approved or not.


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Bike Sharing

Saturday July 1st I was at the Farmer’s Market and a young girl of 13 approached me with a great question. She had recently been travelling and saw some bike sharing stations and wanted to know if we could do the same here in St. Albert?

First off, I was impressed with Stella’s question and how well she articulated it. I love our youth! Continue reading

Growth Plan Sets Out Vision for Metro Region


The capital region could save $5 billion and preserve an area bigger than St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove and Bruderheim combined under a growth plan set to go to a vote next month.

The Capital Region Board received the final draft of its new growth plan Sept. 8. Dubbed the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan, it sets out the ground rules for how Edmonton-area communities are to develop in the next 30 years.

Urban sprawl is expensive, said St. Albert Coun. Cathy Heron, who served on the growth plan’s task force. St. Albert will need a new fire hall within five years if it keeps sprawling at current rates, and that will cost everyone.


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Residents Get Chance to Dive Into Swim Registration Early

St. Albert residents will get the first crack at registering for swimming lessons in the future.

Council voted 4-3 to make the change.

Coun. Cathy Heron proposed the motion to give St. Albert residents and annual Servus Place pass holders a chance to register for swimming lessons one week prior to general registration.

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