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  1. I definitely think multi-use buildings-sports/library or sports/school/library is the way to go -utilizing parking space and shared meeting space etc would be a good option-especially if it could be P3 or some other collaborative effort.

  2. Hi Cathy, Your idea of possibly building multiuser / purpose buildings is excellent. It appears that as the library offers alot of community programming they need classroom space. Use the existing or future schools classroms , which are empty from 330pm. Many of these programs do not need to be held in a library. The information can just as easily be disseminated in a typical classroom. The programing would need to be held in the evening. We also do not need space for more books as online is the future.
    I do not support the need for another stand alone library…. we are just too small of a community and we have to draw the line on spending taxpayers money somewhere!

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