4 thoughts on “Branch Library

  1. Tax increase is not realistic it’s 3.4% on the plebiscite you approved.It says under 3% above please correct Cathy or that number is misleading us.

  2. Didnt you initially accept the Petioners and say you agree to holding it to a Plebiscite and then change your mind on that last week allowing the project borrowing to continue?

    1. Hi Dean, Thanks for your question. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. I did vote in favour of the ballot questions and look forward to hearing from a huge turnout at the polls this fall. As for the borrowing bylaw just because it has been approved doesn’t mean any money will be borrowed. We have approved borrowing bylaws in the past that have been rescinded (Ray Gibbon Drive stage 3). During the debate I said that “no money will be spent until after the election”. The next council will be making those decisions. If there is overwhelming support for the library then they will be set up and ready to go asap, if not then they can choose to remove the bylaw. Hope that helps explain my position.

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