St. Albert Rotary Club

I am proud to be a member of the St. Albert Rotary club. The club’s passion for St. Albert, charitable works, and supporting their community is what first called me to join.

Since then I’ve been a part of countless fundraisers, learned from and met some great people throughout our community, and have personally witnessed what a small group can do to make such a huge difference.

The St. Albert Rotary Music Festival is a popular event funded by the club, as well as such wonderful programs as the Canada Flag drive and the Rotary Charity Gala. Their local focus is community building and supporting the great initiatives that help to make St. Albert an amazing community.


Rotary extends beyond our city, though. The Rotary Foundation is one of the most respected charitable foundations in the world, with almost all of the money raised going directly to the supported charities. They have achieved this through creative money management, wherein they invest all donations for 3 years before deploying the donation to the charities. The interest gained in those 3 years is used to run and manage the foundation.

You can learn more about the St. Albert Rotary club by visiting the website or the Facebook Page



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