More than just ideas or platitudes, Cathy's platform comes complete with well thought out achievable plans.
No empty promises just to win an election.


It will take a cohesive team on council to tackle the issues ahead. Unified leadership will be my highest priority in the beginning of the next term. St. Albert should have a council that will accomplish great things together.


To read Cathy’s plan for council leadership click here.

Affordable Living

We need to ensure that services and facilities remain available to all residents while keeping the cost of living within reach of those residents. I have spent 7 years balancing these 2 priorities, resulting in the lowest increases in recent history. I look forward to leading a council that will continue this.

To read about Cathy’s plan to keep tax increases under control and maintain facilities click here.

Traffic and Safety

The city has been working hard to balance traffic flow with safety. We have implemented new technologies that will help make the most of our road systems. St. Albert is growing; we need a plan for both current traffic reduction and managing the increase in traffic that growth brings.

Click Here to read about Cathy's plan for reducing and managing traffic.

Regional Collaboration

Working with our neighbours is critical to a healthy community. Cost sharing, idea sharing, and collaboration will not only reduce spending but increase services for the entire region. It is imperative that St. Albert have a strong voice in this process.

To read about Cathy's plan for regional collaboration click here. 

Economic Development

Envision a city where you do not feel obligated to shop local, but instead you WANT to shop local because of the quality of options right here in OUR town.  We have made great strides in this area over my 7 years on council, but I see even more opportunity on the horizon.

To read about Cathy's plan for further economic development click here. 

Proud of St. Albert

St. Albert residents take great pride in our river, trees, trails, park, excellent cultural choices, and terrific recreational opportunities. We need to continue to support these pillars of our community as a part of the overall long term plan for the city.

To read about Cathy's plan to support our community pride click here. 


My vote counts. I support a Mayor I can be proud of.


Everyone has a right to express their opinion on topics, engage in debate, and work towards solutions together. This website is a welcoming place for anyone who wants to engage in collaborative and friendly conversation. I welcome all polite discussion, and it is my hope that St. Albert sets a new standard for respectful debates in this election.